Everyone's body is unique and when it comes to choosing swimwear, you need to choose the bikini that would flatter and enhance your silhouette.                                                                           

Here are some tips to help you select the best bikini styles that match your needs:




For a large bust, it’s about having proper support and coverage. The best option is our Bloom Bra and Olivia Bra, both underwired styles, and our Joanna Bra with a chest band and thick straps for extra support.








For a smaller bust, halter tops with ruffle details can help accentuate the figure, as do triangle tops. Our Melting BraLéa Bra, and Marien Bra are perfect options.

Our Olivia Bra with underwire gives you believable cleavage and enhances what you have as well.





The best swimsuits for this accentuated shape are bras like a ruffle, such as our Melting Bra, or underwired Bras like Bloom Bra and Olivia Bra to enhance your bust.

Keep bottoms minimal and more high-cut. The Bloom Bottom, Camilla Bottom and Juliet Bottom are the best options.








If you’re generally slim all around, the key is to create an hourglass shape with sexy bras and bottoms to give the impression of a fuller figure.  All our styles have a sensual cut that will accentuate your silhouette.

Especially the Olivia Bra and the Tina Bottom.


Olivia Bra and Tina Bottom





Accentuating the curves of your body will help you create a more shapely silhouette. High-cut swimsuits with deep necklines such as Elen one-piece The Melting Set with ruffles will help you create a more flattering silhouette.







One trick that does help is high-cut bikini bottoms will make your leg look longer.  All our bottoms are high-cut leg, but especially Bloom Bottom, Juliet Bottom and Camilla Bottom.



Our swimwear are designed to enhance the beauty of all body types.

If you need help with any specific model or size you can write an email to hola@belamer.co or write us through the web chat, our assistants will be happy to help you. 



26 julio 2023