Marina, could you shortly introduce yourself?

I am a visual artist and actress, I combine painting and illustration with graphic and textile design. I am currently in the process of taking on a more activist approach, giving children’s and women’s rights a special place. I am actually in the creative process of creating a theatre piece about sexual abuse in childhood, about what it is to be a “good victim” and I’m exploring the relationship of all of this with painting. It also has an illustrated part which I hope to see published in a book soon.


What does art mean to you?

It has always been my way of speaking and living. It has helped me to think, to know how I am. I also believe that it is an essential tool to know what society we live in, how we are now, what our past has been like and what social problems have existed.


How do you work? Tell us more about the creative process and your inspiration.

Depends a lot on what project I’m working on. If it is an order, I try to get to know as much as possible about the client, what they want, need, like and how they think.When it comes to personal projects, I am quite slow, I think a lot, I go around a lot, I look at my animals, I think again, I write, I listen to music, even though I work in silence. Personal for me means being very honest, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and accepting that most of the time there is no goal.


(Marina wearing our Elen One-Piece)



Could you share with us some of your artistic references?

I have always admired Egon Schiele’s paintings, but lately, I’m moving away from him. I am very disturbed by his relationship with women and especially with girls. Georgia O’Keeffe, Ida Applebroog, Louise Bourgeois, Marlene Dumas. Sigur Rós, the beginnings of Julio Medem, I’m discovering Joan Didion and also Michaela Coel.


When you are not working or painting, what can we find you doing?

Eating! Or looking at my animals, or doing yoga, but I’m mostly working.

Any place where you have never been but would love to go?

Iceland, without a doubt.
I have had it pending for years. I am 
getting ready for the moment I can go.

How would you define B THE BEACH BRAND?
And our pieces?

I would define it as elegant and simple, which is actually how I would define my closet. From the beginning and still, without having worked with you, I loved the shapes, the patterns, the simplicity, and the colours. Whenever I can, I try to buy from small and local brands. Projects made with calm bring me much more. The impact of the fashion world on the environment and society is shocking and I try to take part as little as possible and contribute in a positive way.

February 28, 2023