We are facing a climate emergency, and we need to act accordingly. It is urgent to slow down and reverse the impact that the fashion industry has on the planet.

B THE BEACH BRAND was born with the mission of creating a brand where fashion and sustainability go hand in hand. We know that a different world is possible and, therefore, we are very happy and proud to be able to say that our brand has been recognized with the Real Sustainable Fashion seal.

We believe that change starts with ourselves.  If we want to change fashion industry, we must change our consumption habits and that will lead to change in the production models.

We are part of the change. We design and produce all our pieces locally in Barcelona using the finest quality regenerated fabrics.  The only option we contemplate is to offer you high-quality products and that producing them does not harm the environment.

What the Real Sustainable Fashion seal guarantees?

That we have the planet and people as a priority, that we are a real sustainable brand.

To be recognized with the Real Sustainable Fashion verification, we must meet a series of requirements that demonstrate consistency in our business model: use organic and regenerated materials for the production of our garments, guarantee decent work and fair working conditions in all phases of the production chain, our commitment to reverse the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, among others.

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The importance of the Real Sustainable Fashion seal

No legislation determines what a ‘sustainable fashion brand’ is, and that makes all brands claim to be ‘sustainable’ without being so (greenwashing).

The Real Sustainable Fashion seal makes it possible to identify truly sustainable brands.

It is important for us that our work and commitment are reflected in this verification that assures us that we are doing things well.


February 28, 2023