Our fourth collection pays homage to the transformative power of the ocean, to our wild, layered nature. It tells a beautiful story of unbecoming, unlearning, uncovering. It reminds us that we are free to be whoever we desire to be. We invite you to embrace the different women within. To be
your own muse.

Inspired by the feminine form and natural beauty, all designs radiate elegance and seek balance between raw and soft, subtle and exquisite, bold and elegant, simple and sophisticated.

Explore timeless designs, undulating textures, imperfect shapes that sculpt your body. Effortlessly blend in with nature in our new colour palette, ranging from rich and deep tones to soft neutrals and earthy hues.

Photographer | Susan Buth
Videographer | Irene Ruiz
Models | Anastasia Sopova and Julia Courtes
Makeup and Hair | Carla Abram
Location | Mallorca, Balear Islands, Spain