Hi Susan, could you introduce yourself? 

Hello! I am a fashion, portrait, and architecture photographer living in Germany near Munich. I was born near Dresden but moved to the south with my family when I was a child. Since then I spent my youth and life in Ingolstadt, found my man there and also the love for photography.


How did you start with photography

When I was 19 and out of school, I desperately needed a direction to go. At that time, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. What I was pretty good at was dancing, but I knew early on I didn't want to earn my living with that. So I applied for 10 completely different professions that interested me. Among other things, as a photographer in an apprenticeship in a small photo studio in my city. I was hired and instantly addicted to this world.



We love the way you capture the essence, with a minimalist, elegant, and clean style. How would you describe your photography? 
I would describe my work and approach as emotional and spontaneous rather than technical and planned. By working more with natural light, I rely strongly on my feelings and the general situation. I want to feel something when I take and see a picture.
How important are women in your work? Could you say that they are your source of inspiration? 

Oh, nothing against men but women are very important to my work. Regardless of the fact that I am one myself, strong women have always fascinated me. Especially when I realized that it´s sometimes not easy to be a woman in the world we live in.

As a kid, I tended to look up to cool women in pop culture. I don't know what it was exactly but somehow I wanted to be as independent and strong as them. Because back then, I was really shy and insecure. When I turned 14, I became more and more confident and extroverted.  

So self-determined & authenticity is an important messages I want to deliver in my work.


Could you share with us some of your artistic references?   

In the very beginning, my aesthetic was highly influenced by Hedi  Slimane's photography. His view of beauty is so raw, pure, imperfect, and of the moment. I remember how fascinated I was.

But there are so many artists whose work has influenced me a lot over the years. Alexandra Nataf, Daniella Midenge, Lina Tesch, Peter Lindbergh, Kate Bellm, Chris Colls, Pierrot, Purienne, Akila Berjaoui & Cameron Hammond just to name a few. But my absolute favorite artist right now is Sonia Szostak. Her work is so unique and touches me every time. 




Could you tell us about the ideas and inspiration behind the shooting for BELAMER?

The idea was to go raw without any props. 
The mood is created solely just with the model and the swimwear. The vibe we were aiming for was art, purity, and something mystical created out of the moment to not just sell a product but a feeling. 



What is the picture you love the most from BELAMER’s photoshoot? 

This is not really easy to say. But the picture that stuck in my head the most is the one Julia is kneeling on the floor. The light and mood are very special to me.


Best piece of advice you’ve ever given and received?

Stay true to yourself.


Mallorca, Oct 2022 - Susan x BELAMER


June 30, 2023