Hi Júlia, could you introduce yourself? 

I'm 28, I'm from Barcelona and since I was little I've been lucky enough to travel with my family. My mother is passionate about organizing trips and looking for special places and she has transmitted me this curiosity to discover the world.


Tell us about your personal project  

In 2016 I created an Instagram account (@outliersguide) to share.  restaurants, hotels, and my recommendations when I was traveling. In 2020 I was encouraged to create a website to consolidate the project and offer a useful tool to search for accommodations.



What does travel mean to you?  

When I travel my life takes another dimension. I am more present, I enjoy more the food, meeting people, the culture, and especially other ways of living.


We love the way you show the essence of the places you visit. Which are your essentials when it comes to selecting a destination?   

I am usually fascinated by destinations where architecture, culture, and gastronomy stand out. But actually, I am becoming more curious to discover destinations that don't have what apparently attracts me

Jaibalito, Lake Atitlán - Guatemala

Do you think today's traveler is becoming more conscious and making an effort to find more responsible options?  

In general, there is more awareness but not enough information and I think we don't know where our money goes when we travel. It's not just a question of taking fewer airplanes, but of investing in local projects so that the money we spend traveling has a positive impact on the destination.


Could you recommend any book or article about traveling in a more responsible and conscious way?  

Viaje Sostenible by Holly Tuppen.

A destination you would repeat and a destination you dream of going to.  

Lamu, an island in Kenya where I really want to go back and stay at least 2 or 3 weeks. And I want to go to Sao Tome and Principe.



What do you love most about BELAMER? And, which bikini set is your favorite?

Love the aesthetics of your website and Instagram and that you use recycled fibers. My favorite bikini set is Joanna Bra and Bloom Bottom in Black. Timeless and flattering.
August 30, 2023