If you show up at Le Palm Café, in Biarritz, you may find her preparing delicious veggie dishes, but that’s not her only usual activity. She can also be out surfing the Bay of Biscay waves, creating beautiful ceramic pieces, reading or modelling, preferably for sustainable brands. Is Sirikit, the inspiring soul we had the pleasure to count as a model,  who we’re talking about.





Hola! This is Sirikit from Biarritz, France. I run a café in a vegan and chill mood, not too far from the beach, for four years. I work as a model and content creator as well. I like to describe myself as a Jack of all trades and master of none.

We know that surfing plays a very important role in your life. How do you think this sport influences your connection with nature?

Surfing, or even just floating, is the most beautiful definition of freedom. It brings a lot of peace and surpassing oneself. A true passion for adventure and nature.
Spending so much time in the water makes you more aware of the need for conservation of the ocean and, of course, the climate emergency. 




Our second collection is called Conversations with the Sea, and it’s inspired by the feeling of freedom that we can sense when we are near the ocean. 

How do you feel when you are by the sea? Has the fact of living close to the ocean helped you cope better with this chaotic time in our lives?

Being near the sea, feeling the ocean breeze… that makes people feel better, in general. Fortunately, even during lockdowns, I could walk down to the shore almost every day. It brought me a lot of well-being and made me realize how lucky I am. At certain points, the current situation can be really hard, but I try to see the best in every moment.




What is your favorite piece from the new collection?

The Bloom Bra and the Anne Bottom, both in ice tea colour.



2020 has been a difficult year. In your case, your restaurant had to be closed for some time. What did you take the opportunity to do with this extra free time?

The Palm has been closed since last November. It’s hard sometimes. At times I have the feeling of worthlessness. But on the bright side, I have more time for myself, my wellness and for working on new projects. I squeeze my creative side, I have the time to work on all the materials I love such as clay, jewellery… And most important, I’m able to surf at every perfect moment of the tides!

What is the first thing you would like to do when the pandemic is over? Where would you like to travel in the first place?

Going back to Portugal! I’ve been in love with this country since I visited it so many years ago, and I really want to discover Africa too.



What does it sound like on your Spotify playlist? Would you recommend any special book?

A lot of groove, afrobeat and some classic bossa nova! In the books chapter, I would recommend Peacocks Dancing, by Sharon Maas. It’s one of my favorite books ever.

Are there any quotes or mantras that have helped you get through the lookdown days you would like to share with us?

It’s gonna be just right!
February 22, 2023